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We are proud to call ourselves the alumni of one of the paramount institutions of India, ALIGARH MUSLIM UNIVERSITY (AMU). AMU has been playing a leading role in imparting quality education and has rightly been called the “Oxford of the East”. Its students have been active, right from the independence struggle to building a modern   India. The alumni of this unique institution are spread all over the world and they   have achieved remarkable positions in their respective fields. This institution has got historic relationship with the Gulf region and several head of the Gulf States have visited the University. In the State of Qatar, there are good number AMU ex-students, not only from different states of India but also from Arabian peninsula & Africa, Al Hamdulilaaha, most of them are well placed and a few of them have been serving the Aligs community quite well.                                                                         One common thread that binds us all is the respect for our Alma mater and a feeling to do “something” for our institution. In spite of the good strength of Aligs families in Qatar, we feel there is a big lack of social interaction amongst our Aligs community.   Keeping these facts in mind a few like-minded Aligs have decided to form a forum by the name of "AMU Alumni Association-QATAR". A temporary committee has been formed to initiate & identify the ways of social interaction. As of now the following guidelines have been laid down:

v     The committee selected to run the Association would be done so by the popular vote of the members. All the members would be offered a chance in the committee on a rotary                                          basis.                          

v     Monthly get together would be organized to enable better interaction & flow of ideas amongst the members. 

v     A bi-monthly letter would be circulated among the members to keep them updated on the various issues, especially related to Aligs in QATAR.

v     Complete transparency would be maintained in the accounts and the accounts ledger would be available for the inspection by the members. In addition regular account statements would be circulated amongst the members.

v     Special attention would be paid to the wards of the members. We plan to organize regular public speaking and personality developments programs.

v     A tea club would be formed especially for the ladies.

v     Lastly the basic ideology of this association is that it is              

                       “ By the Aligs, Of the Aligs & For the Aligs”

Where everyone’s voice would be given equal importance & weightage.          

We would like to welcome you all to join this forum and put forward your valuable suggestions to make it a success.